There are lot of ways mis-use or wrong administering of pesticide can affect humans, which directly means the pest control technicians and prospective clients are possibly going to be affected by the under-listed when mis-use of pesticides occurs as a result of engaging un-trained technicians or unlicensed pest control company. Unfortunately most of the adverse effect are long term effect, they don’t manifest quickly.

All these aforementioned are possible when there is exposure to pesticide fumes, either through usage of sub-standard PPE`s, accessing fumigated facilities prior to the time recommended by the service provider , lack of thorough aeration of fumigated facilities after the fumigation period has passed or wrong disposal of pesticide containers after use.

Embarking on a full risk assessment of chemicals is very important, to determine if the chemical is ”HARZARDOUS”, in a general sense, the toxicity of a chemical could be defined as the capacity to cause a harmful effect and this must be checked.

Rotimax Integrated services Ltd, a sister company to Rotimax cleaning multiservices has been involved in training of pest control professionals who are currently doing well independently, our mission is to be the world leader in training the pest control industry by delivering quality instruction using science-based information on current technologies, with concern for the environment and human health and well-being.

We offer Corporate Training and also One on One (Private) Training for cooperate organizations and private individuals.

As a professional pest controller/fumigator, having an indepth understanding of pest and rodents gestation period,incubation period,breeding cycle, attractant entry point,habourage sites etc.Is the key to their eradication.

Having basic and adequate knowledge in this field is very important so as not to be classified as road side operator, this is an industry that doesn’t give a second chance to service providers, the moment you don’t get it right once, definitely that is the end of your relationship with that client. Example of getting it wrong is when a customer gives a negative feedback of sighting pest or rodent few days or same day the task was carried out.

To acquire first hand information on pest control proposal writing,how to draft quotations without undercharging or overcharging, knowing required license needed to operate at different levels,facts about the target market and strategies to penetrate the market.Our approach is a mix of presentations,illustrations,simulation exercise and we also utilize relevant case studies that drives our points home.

The future belongs to those who see opportunities before they become obvious. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to make ends meet with just one source of income. This, therefore, is the main reason why more and more people are finding out the possibilities of starting their own extra-income business. Many of these part-time endeavors can be started and operated from the comfort and privacy of the home.

We hereby present Professional pest control and fumigation training. (100% Practical), course outline is available on request.


  • Effects on the kidney
  • Effects on the liver
  • Respiratory diseases
  • Effect on the nervous system
  • Effect on the skin through dermal absorption

(Training, study materials and certification (Certificate of Proficiency for Fumigation/pest control) and light refreshment on both days).