We are thrilled to announce we have teamed up with Alcochem Hygiene Netherlands to make available their outstanding and durable pest control innovative products to the Nigerian Market.

Alcochem Hygiene manufacture a variety of high performance Insect Light Traps towards professional and industrial use .

ALCOCHEM HYGIENE based in nether-land with branches in other countries , also a family business con 44 years of experience design, develop and manufacture new technologies and non-chemical products towards the global Hygiene and Pest Control segments, i.e S-Trap, the H-trap, the MT-trap and the Armadilha15 and many more , this are products that serves as better alternative to fumigation service which usually has effect on the ecology system and humans.

The ARMADILHA15 is a jewel of a unit to be positioned free standing or hanging up against the wall. The unit emits UV light at a radius of 360 degrees and its perforated glue board fits right against the inside of the round body which shows the same perforations, directing the glue towards the lamp in its interior.

The concept of perforated glue boards to fit against the inside of the perforated front grid is quite a typical feature of some of our smaller sized one-lamp insect traps. See I-Trap25 (enclosure).

The same is the case with the LASER EYE – being also a unit with a high frequency electronic ballast which permits it to be plugged into all electric values = 110-250V/50-60Hz.

The I-TRAP50E is our most popular and best sold unit worldwide because of its perfect relation between quality/performance and price.

Traps in various models and executions such as our E/WP (wet processing) which is hose proof or resistant to pressure hose cleaning (whilst the light trap is on and functioning) – such traps are preferred by food manipulating and processing plants.


These products will be launched into the Nigerian Market on the 22nd May,2017. To pre order please send email to our sales team lead, olawale.olusalami@rotimax.com or Call 01-3422393