About us

Who we are

Rotimax Integrated Services Limited is a cleaning and fumigation Company offering professional service in both business office and private homes in Nigeria.Ours is an epitome of excellence towards satisfying our clients need.As such we have at our disposal excellent, well-trained, trustworthy, staff with wealth of experience and credit worthy equipment to carry out these cleaning activities and fumigation services to suit your taste.

At Rotimax Integrated Services Limited, we are the foremost pest control and fumigation company certified/license to operate anywhere in Nigeria,we are vast in professional cleaning services,general supply of agro allied chemicals and pest control equipments,insectocutors,rodent control bait stations and bait blocks nationwide.We have histories with many outstanding companies,banks,hotels,oil companies.We are an authority in Integrated pest management.

Rotimax Integrated Services Limited has been promoting self reliance via entrepreneurial skills by empowering prospective participants through professional training in pest control and fumigation and informing prospective participants of necessary details required to establish a successful pest control company in Nigeria.